Hi, I'm Helen.

I'm the sole dyer behind Giddy Yarns, as well as filling all the other roles here too! I live in Dundee, Scotland with my husband and my two boys. 

Giddy Yarns came about when I was on maternity leave with my youngest (back in 2017), I was bored and wanted to find something to inspire me. I'm extremely fortunate that I've been able to grow Giddy Yarns into the business it is now. All the yarn is dyed in my utility room studio at home, which gives me great flexibility to be here for my boys when they need me.

I find a lot of inspiration from literature, as you'll see from my collections. Aside from knitting, reading is my other passion and I love taking events, characters and landscapes from books and translating them into yarn form. 

If you fancy a look behind the scenes at either my dyeing or what I'm currently knitting, then head on over to my YouTube channel where you'll find the Giddy Knits Podcast as well as studio vlogs and our popular family Vlogmas series. 

Do you have a favourite book that I've not turned into yarn yet? Why not get it touch and maybe it'll become a future collection.