Giddy Knits - Episode 50

Giddy Knits - Episode 50

Here are the show notes for episode 50


1000 Subscriber giveaway prize winner is announced.

Yarn shows I'm vending at so far in 2020:

Yorkshire Yarn Fest - March 21st

Cornish Fibre Festival - 9th & 10th May

The Wool Monty - 13th & 14th June

Finished Objects

Halloween Shorty Sock  
Pattern: Vanilla (no Pattern)
Yarn: Giddy Yarns
Colourway: Twilight

Window Seat Socks
Pattern by: Jessie Marie Makes
Yarn: Giddy Yarns
Colourways: Storm Cloud and Voyage of The Dawn Treader

Work In Progress

Starflake MKAL
Pattern by Stephen West
Yarn: Giddy Yarns
Colourways: Plum Chutney and Sandcastles 

Pure Joy
Pattern by: Joji Locatelli
Yarn: Qing Fibres (high twist BFL)
Colourways: Platinum 3 and Cactus

Find Your Own Direction Scarf
Pattern by Erin Beel
Yarn: various scraps

Cross Stitch
Pattern from Plastic Little Covers

Blanket Progress

Boundaries KAL
Pattern by Louise Tilbrook
Yarn: Drops Karisma

Crochet Advent Blanket
Basic granny square (8 rounds)
Yarn: Henny Penny Makes
2109 Quality Street Advent Calendar

Battenberg Blanket
Pattern by Sandra Paul (Cherry Heart Podcast)
Yarn: various scraps + Rain Cloud grey (Giddy Yarns)

Cosy Memories Blanket
Pattern by Kempa Wray
Yarn: various scraps

Yarny Goodness

December Neon Yarn Club from Spectrum Fibre

Supporting Small Businesses

Some ways to support your favourite small businesses if you can't purchase:

  • Like their posts, follow their social media.
  • Comment on their posts, please remember there's a person behind the post trying to make a success of their business, so comment thoughtfully.
  • Tag a friend who might be interested.
  • Share their posts on your social media, in your stories etc.
  • If you're working with their yarn then tag them in posts you share. I LOVE seeing your progress pics! You can't tag me too many times, so don't worry that I'll get fed up of being tagged! 

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