20g Advent Calendar Pattern Ideas

There's only a couple of weeks to go and we will all be in full advent fever. All the Giddy Yarns Advent Calendars have shipped and I'm excited for you to open them and to see all your pattern choices! 

I had meant to include a list of pattern ideas in the box but for some reason 2020 got away from me a bit (let's blame COVID shall we!) So I thought I'd put a couple of blog post together giving you a few pattern ideas. This is by no means an exhaustive list, I've picked out some of my favourite patterns, trying to provide a mix of free and paid for. If you have other suggestions then feel free to get in touch and I will update the posts to include them.

There are a LOT of advent patterns out there so I have split it up into two blog posts, this one covers ideas for 20g minis skeins and the previous post covers 10g minis. Some Patterns are written specifically for Advent Calendars and some may need a little bit of adapting to work with 24 minis.

RAVELRY NOTE: In light of accessibility issues around the Ravelry website I will try where possible to include links to where you can purchase patterns outside of Ravelry as well as Ravelry links. Please be aware that where Ravelry links have been used, following these links may default to the new Raverly interface so if you have experienced issues with new Ravelry then please follow links cautiously.

For Christmas: A History, I would recommend the Ambah O'Brien patterns, Just Feel Festive or Dust Of Snow. 

Ambah O'Brien has an extensive range of avdent patterns, check out her full range on Ravelry or Etsy. 

ADVENTurer Scarf and Wrap (left) by Ambah O'Brien - Knitting Pattern - Available on Ravelry - approx £5 ($6 USD) and Etsy - £5.10

ADVENTurous Wrap (right) by Ambah O'Brien - Knitting Pattern - Available on Ravelry - approx £5 ($6 UDS) and Etsy - £5.10

Adventina by Katrin Schubert - Knitting pattern - available on Ravelry - approx £4 (4EUR)

Wonderful Whimsical Advent Shawl by Janet Pippin - Crochet Pattern - Available on Ravelry - approx £4 ($5 USD)

Just Feel Festive Shawl by Caleisha Ryan - Crochet Pattern - Available on Ravlery - Free

Dust Of Snow Wrap by Helen Stewart (Curious Handmade) - Knitting Pattern - Available on Ravelry - £5

Fairbanks Advent Shawl by Toni Lipsey - Crochet Pattern - Available on Ravelry - approx £6 ($7.50 USD) and their independent website - $7.50

Advent Mini Trio by Cozy Up Knits - Knitting Pattern - Available on Ravelry - approx £4 ($5.95 CAD) and LoveCrafts - £2.62 

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